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*~The Ron/Hermione Fic Exchange~*

Where your R/Hr cravings can be satisfied

The Ron/Hermione Fic Exchange
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One word frees us
Of all the weight and pain in life;
That word is Love.

~ Socrates

The Ron/Hermione Fic Exchange is a community created solely for the purpose of giving fans of the ship an opportunity to write and request fics in the form of an organized exchange.

It is proudly affiliated with: hpgwficexchange, dmhgficexchange, dgficexchange, ronpansy_fest, and smrw_ficafest. All members interested in the ships related to these comms are encouraged to give these fests a try!

In order to keep updated on the goings-on of the latest exchange, everyone is highly encouraged to at least FRIEND the community.

r   u   l   e   s

The rules and regulations outlined here are applicable to the Spring 2008 exchange, open as of March 20, 2008.

  2. • You must write a finished fic in exchange for making a request.

    • One request per person.

    • Each submission must be at least 1,000 words long.

    Write and request ratings that are legal for you to write and request.

    • Have at least one beta reader look over your work before you submit. Your fic will not be posted unless your beta confirms that he/she has done so either by e-mail or a comment left in the official confirmations post in the comm. What is a beta reader, and where can I find one?

    • Send your fic submissions to the comm address in either Microsoft Word or Notepad format. Remember to do the HTML coding for your fic (bold, italics, etc.) before doing so! How do I do that?

    • Direct all submissions, deadline extension requests, fic progress updates, etc. to rwhgficexchange [AT] yahoo [DOT] com using the proper subject titles. Messages sent from this address contain important information, deadline reminders, etc.-- NOT spam. It's highly important that you both give a working address and allow your inbox to receive messages from this address.

    • The real secret words are "June Blossoms."

    Keeping in contact is crucial. Getting in touch with me as soon as possible is always the best course of action when you feel as though you may need a deadline extension, rather than delaying until the last minute.

    Remember to take the time to thank whoever fulfills your fic request. He/she has taken valuable time out of their lives to write something just for you, and it's simply common courtesy to express your gratitude.

    • Anyone can leave a review! Just be polite and respectful.

    • Constructive criticism is more than welcome; it helps writers know how they can improve their skills. Know, however, the difference between being helpful and being hurtful.

    NO FLAMING. Period.

  4. AWARDS:
  5. • All submitted fics are eligible for nomination in each exchange's awards round.

    • Anyone can do the nominating and voting. However, you may not nominate or vote for yourself. Violators of this rule will be immediately disqualified.

    • Your votes and nominations are to be kept strictly secret-- do not tell anyone, either on the comm or in your journal, about who you voted for specifically.

N O T I C E: Those who can't play by the rules, or violate them out of sheer ignorance are subject to being banned from the community and any future exchanges, depending on the individual case.

Still confused about how a fic exchange actually works? Read flyingcarpet's guide to participating HERE. A highly recommended read for beginners.

**The secret words are "Late Bloomers."**

c   u   r   r   e   n   t     e   x   c   h   a   n   g   e

**Love In Full Bloom: The Spring Exchange** (Awards now posted.)

f   u   t   u   r   e     e   x   c   h   a   n   g   e


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