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23 June 2008 @ 02:44 pm
The Love in Full Bloom Exchange Fic Master List  
Fic posting is now officially complete! The full list of stories (complete with links and stories, along with who did what) can be found under the cut.

Please remember that you must be at least 17 years old to read the stories that are rated R/M and up.

The Love in Full Bloom Exchange Fic Master List

lunalovepotter wrote Little Mysteries (NC-17) for luvscharlie - Hermione gets a tattoo, and Ron shows her just how much he likes it.

da_angel729 wrote Blooming Flowers (PG) for greysgurl - Ron and Hermione are trying to create the perfect wedding. It begins with flowers. And a little help from the Weasley family.

butterfly_kate wrote Hermione Moves On. Or, 'Honestly, I'm Really Completely Over Ron'. (PG-13) for i_am_girlfriday - Two years on from their first kiss, Ron and Hermione are still trying to move on.

i_am_girlfriday wrote Keeping Secrets (PG) for charma_10 - Hermione discovers things people would rather keep hidden.

charma_10 wrote After the Battle (PG) for lire_casander - After the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron isn’t quite sure what he should be feeling about a lot of things, especially Hermione.

shyshutterbug wrote Threshold Anxiety (NC-17) for da_angel729 - Hermione usually likes order. Usually.

luvscharlie wrote For His Ears Only (NC-17) for shyshutterbug - It is Hermione Granger's first day of work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and her first night in a new home. Ron makes both unforgettable.

manda_lalala wrote Victory is the Best Revenge (NC-17) for lunalovepotter - Ron and Hermione are trying to plan a wedding, and as is typical for those two, they fight. But sometimes making up is the best part.

greysgurl wrote Forward Motion (G) for manda_lalala - Their lives were moving so fast, and all they could do was to hold on tight.

franlock wrote She Said, He Said (PG) for slam_girl - When Hermione returns from Hogwarts after finishing her seventh year misunderstanding at each other’s words lead for one to think they are proposing and the other pregnant.

midnight_birth wrote A Perfect Vacation (R) for butterfly_kate - Ron and Hermione go on a summer holiday with a very young Rose, but they swiftly discover the difficulties of doing so. Tensions run high and the vacation threatens to become a disaster, but an unlikely third party intervenes to make the vacation one Ron and Hermione would never forget.

admiral_sab served as a pinch-hitter and wrote A Little Too Perfect (PG) for cyyt - Hermione and Ron are on a picnic and things are a little too perfect for Hermione.

lire_casander served as a pinch-hitter and wrote The Sanity In Your Laughter (PG) for franlock - After the Last Battle and Voldemort's defeat, Ron and Hermione try to come to terms with the new reality they have been thrown into.

charma_10 served as a pinch-hitter and wrote A Summer Dance (G) for franlock - Ron and Hermione share their first dance.

slam_girl wrote Moving On... Or Not (PG-13) for midnight_birth - After a brief attempt at a relationship, Ron and Hermione agree to remain just friends. But Ron is still in love with her and wants to make another go of it. Ron worries too much time may have passed and things get even more difficult when an old acquaintance makes a visit. Will Ron be able to prove to Hermione just how much he wants to be with her?

lire_casander wrote The Colour of Feelings (PG) for the exchange - Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley travel all the way to Sydney to find her parents, but the search is not as easy as it seemed. During the process of looking for lost people, Hermione and Ron discover some facts that will change their lives, and their feelings, forever.

cyyt wrote To Marry or Not to Marry (G) for the exchange - Ron’s proposal just swept Hermione off her feet. Yet as the wedding draws nearer, Hermione can’t help but to rethink if she should have accepted his proposal.


So that everyone can have enough time to take in all of the fics, nominations for awards won’t begin for another few days.

In the meantime, be sure to thank the writer who fulfilled your request (if you haven’t already done so), and please spread the word about all of these wonderful stories that have been submitted for the exchange!!! ;-)
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~*Lissomelle*~: STOCK: Spread Your Wingslissomelle on June 30th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
It's hard to say, but sign-ups for the next exchange may not be for a while. I am, however, hoping to have a summer round to revive the hpgwficexchange, so I'd advise for you to keep an eye on that one. ;-)

Glad to know that you're enthusiastic about a future exchange!
charma_10charma_10 on July 2nd, 2008 01:21 am (UTC)
Hey JoAnn,

Just a glitch in my story A Summer Dance. I must have forgotten to close an italics tab as the whole second half of the story is in italics.

The sentence should read

Your ankle are not skinny, nor...

Thanks in advance.
~*Lissomelle*~: HP: R/Hr: Sidekick is NOT a dirty word.lissomelle on July 2nd, 2008 01:03 pm (UTC)
Fixed! Just let me know if there's anything else.